Me of 22 

Related image

Full of doubts

Full of energy but yet being so emotional

Finished university and after that… so what?

Have already started a master degree… but again questioning is that a right choice?

Cry a lot for unknown reasons (can be a complementary for the statement number 2 up there)

Being ‘yolo’ for sometimes while thinking that well… there wont be any moments in life that you can actually experience certain things

Already feeling too old comparing to those being born in 97-98-99 -ish

Getting myself on the rdl and it is *** my life real bad. Some said they can survive but seriously I see no future.

Being the only child in the house makes your choice for life even harder. Being a responsible child to pay back for your parents for what they have done to you or you still being a good child but instead you obey and agree to everything they say, you selectively choose the one that you feel are right to you and really really start living up to what you personally believe is good for you? – so many responsibilities and expectations.

Choosing friends for life rather than acquaintance.

Being confused too much makes me feel it is even harder to find happiness in life.

Questioning myself a lot for the same question: where is the happy girl that I used to be?

RM and IC are the best

Family is where the heart is. I just miss you guys a lot.

Read a lot inspirational even random quotes on the internet

Still on the quest to find the thing that i really like

Too easy to get into bad habit and bad habits are seriously scary.


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