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I used to be a traditional Asian kid (I still am, I guess to the certain extent): Very conservation, less talkative and always obeying my parents. Well given the fact that I am the only child, all the concentration lies on me. All the care, all the investment as well as expectation lies on me. My mom gave birth to me, to be honest when she was in her 30s. Sometimes I felt really regretful and quite envy to those friends where their parents are still in their 40s. Sorry mom and dad, no offence to you but I do love you to the bottom of my heart. I know you guys are the ones that loves me unconditionally no matter what things happen. I know you guys do everything for me just for me to have a better future. Been through university now doing a master. I can’t believe that time passed by that quickly. I grow up and you guys aged. I just wish you guys all good health so that you guys can stay with me a little bit longer, at least until you see my children. I feel sorry sometimes for not listening to you. To be honest, all the things you advised me in the past are all true. Not a single thing is wrong.

I just feel like this year I am entering the crisis, I am calling this the 20s crisis. No jobs, still studying and being uncertain and insecure most of the time.


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