Note 2

The first day for my really short work based learning module. The weather is shit as usual. I guess I am not a morning person. Feel extremely tired in the morning and find it really hard to wake up. The project seems small but in fact a lot of stuff to think about. Realised the big difference between studying and working. Sometimes I just wish I can start working this year. Getting used to the pace and stuff. Everything is so different. Why do people in Vietnam wants to have certain qualifications so much? What I really lack is the fucking experience. Experience…. Everybody in the office is really nice and helpful, I guess it is a small company so people all know each other and they are very helpful to each other. Too many meetings haha. But I guess it helps them to organise thing better. 2 more sessions to go before the presentation. I dont even know if I can finish that. And also cant ignore the fact that I am not really a tech person. My knowledge for social media thingy is extremely limited. But seriously, learning on the job is better than spending a lot of money on education to get a fucking degree.

Another day of trying to control my weird emotion. I just hope I wont get woke up by something that makes me feel really annoyed and troublesome. It is hard as fuck but I will try.

“Khong co viec gi kho

Chi so long khong ben”

Tomorrow another day for university. Never feel like that I have had enough time to do something. lol but still have time to write nonsense thingy like that haha. So weird!!!IMG_7536.JPG


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